1.02 Dog Days

In case anyone was wondering what Pip looks like under his fully-body outfit…


He’s as rugged as the desert mountains.


Of course, he has to stay in shape to keep his rad bod, and rolls an appropriate number of workout/jogging related wishes. While he jogs up and down the block, he checks out the neighborhood chicks. Emi “Quirky-60’s-Housewife-Americana” Irwin is a little weird, but definitely cute.

The useful nearby lots is only part of why I chose this location for Pip to live in. There are also a handful of young adult female sims living nearby. Emi is on the list of potential spouses, but since she’s married and significantly older than Pip… she’s probably not The One.


Marina quickly picks up the hunting skill, giving her something to do while Pip is at work, and the two just as quickly become friends.


This is his work outfit by the way. Yeah…the less said about that, the better.


The pup is quickly sent on a hunting expedition, which takes her through the local park, and past the Tanners, who are also celebrities – Romon Tanner over there is actually a whopping 4-star celebrity! The Aces may be living on the rough side of town, but they still have plenty of brushes with fame!


Ooh, Marina you good girl! What did you get?? Is it a diamond? Palladium? Tiberium?!

…an empty chip bag. Why am I not surprised.


Pip’s first day at work just barely missed a promotion, so he spends the night at the local gym. He can get a head start on his athletics skill in the morning.

By the next night, his athletics is up to level 5, and he gets his first promotion to Snack Hawker! Yay?


I sent him over to the local hang out spot/juice bar to celebrate, only to witness Yolanda Shaw going into labor. Why must this always happen in public places??

In any event, this is a sort of blessing in disguise – Pip rushes her to the hospital like a gentleman, since the father is nowhere to be seen, and gets a +80 It’s a Boy! moodlet for assisting in the birth of Nestor Shaw.

Pip: “I almost feel like I’m the father…I’m so proud…but why Nestor?”

For real.

Yolanda was actually another potential spouse, but the next morning I got a notification that she was dating Pip’s neighbor, single dad Barry Gilbert, and I didn’t want to mess with that. She does help out the legacy significantly however – that moodlet helps Pip get another promotion the next day, to Toddler Sports Coach!


Pip: “Why does no one want a piece of this?!”

Hummina hummina! Although the baby face really is a bit jarring right next to the body – not sure whether I want to hug him or lick him.

Pip: “I feel objectified.”



Pip: “Yeowch!”

Speaking of hot, it is summer right now, and apparently getting in the pool won’t save you from the sweating profusely moodlet, or sunburn afterwards. Learn from Pip’s (and my) mistakes!


Sunburn isn’t the only danger of staying outdoors too long, as we learn with our dog, who has fleas. We don’t have a bathtub yet, and I don’t want to deal with Pip getting fleas, so she keeps her social need in check by hanging out with Lucky, Marisol Loera’s new puppy. I’m undecided if puppies are in this legacy’s future, but if Marina does have some they might as well be with this guy once he’s grown up.


Speaking of legacy spawn, Pip’s potential life partners are dwindling fast, so next chapter, we find Mrs. Ace!


Lina Lancaster: “Soon.”

What the…?! Get out of there! Absolutely not! You and your Gold Digger lifetime wish aren’t getting anywhere near this legacy ma’am! I’d sooner have Pip marry your mother, and she’s almost an elder! Wait a minute…she’s a gold digger too? Ugh.

*shudder* Creepy.

ANYWAY. I hope y’all have enjoyed reading as much as I have writing! Thank you for any comments/likes/silent appreciation!

-Mo ❤


  1. Livvielove · December 1, 2018

    Haha, Pip is going to be great fun, I can tell!
    (makes a pleased face as I eye his picture up and down) mhm… he’s a good one.
    I can’t wait to figure out who Mrs. Ace will be, but hopefully someone pretty!
    … or someone with money.
    Maybe both? But that’s unlikely. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • sims3mo · December 1, 2018

      Hiya Livvie!

      Pretty is always a safer bet than rich with my legacies – I prefer to not bring in tons of money early on, just for the added challenge in the early game. Then again, I also marry in some…interesting…genetics now and then, so really it’s all up for grabs. xD

      Thanks for commenting! Hopefully this legacy will go faster than the last one… *sweats nervously*

      Liked by 1 person

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