1.05 Tying the Knot


Pictured: Working hard, and hardly working.


Pip rolled a wish to take Piper out on a date, and since there are a few matters to take care of, they get sent off to the bar where they met.

Pip: “Yeaaahh, I have the hottest girlfriend in town! You all hear that??! THE! HOTTEST!”

The bar is completely empty, but the sentiment stands. Piper might be more enamored with the fact that he’s willing to do the laundry.


A whole bunch of jokes come to mind here, not one of which I feel comfortable posting on a public blog.


The classic Pip and Piper interaction: dirty jokes and genuinely tender embraces.

Pip rolls up another wish, this time to propose, so…


Pip: “Bro, close your eyes for a second.”


Piper: “Bro.


Bring it in!




Pip has to run to work right after the proposal, so he just barely misses the news that he’s going to be a father.

He does, however, have enough time to make a few calls and plan a bachelor party for that very night.


In my experience, parties very quickly turn into shitshows once you invite over five people, so Pip only invites a small group of coworkers. From left to right, Pip, Endora (who may or may not be planning to steal his stuff), Kadia (his boss the celebrity), and Roy (his best friend).


Pip: “Oh hell no, I need to wear this tomorrow!”

Roy: “It’s called laundry kid! Live a little!”


Neither of them pays much attention to the “party dancer” in the background.


Kadia mentions that it’s a little weird and possibly demeaning to the women they work alongside to have a stripper dancer dressed up as a cheerleader when everyone in the room is a professional athlete.

Pip points out that Endora was in charge of entertainment, and if Kadia wants to try to change anything about Endora’s behavior she can take it up with her.

(They also bond over his upcoming marriage – apparently Kadia has the family oriented trait! – and are friends by the end of the party, which incidentally gives Pip a single celebrity star.)




The older you are, the weirder you get, apparently. Endora’s sense of humor is notoriously bizarre – after getting the invitation to Pip’s party tonight, she immediately planned a party of her own to start at the exact same time, then didn’t show up to it.

Pip is completely terrified of her.


The party finally wraps up around dawn, just as a visibly pregnant Piper comes home from a night spent reading pregnancy books and buying a the legacy’s first real estate, a partnership at the local diner.


She kicks the lingering elderly guests out and settles in for a mid-morning nap. Working through a pregnancy is hell on the body.


Not that that slows her down – as soon as her energy meter is out of the red, it’s back to working out, using their new stereo. This baby is already throwing a wrench in her career plans, and she intends to be in perfect shape when she gets back to work.


In the pre-baby commotion, Pip still manages to get another promotion, this time to Starter! He takes a quick break from climbing the career ladder to read a pregnancy book. This legacy founder is gonna be the best at parenting! All those other dads can eat his socks!

And, because he doesn’t want his children’s birth to be tainted by scandal due to his newfound fame…


Early in the morning on Spooky Day, Pip and Piper officially tie the knot in a private ceremony in their backyard.

And it looks like Celebrity-itis is going around, because no sooner have they finished their vows than Piper abruptly shoots up from an unknown to a two-star celebrity!

Well, this will be…interesting.

Since it is Spooky Day, Piper decided to throw a party for their coworkers and a few of her newly young adult friends from highschool. However, I somehow completely lost track of time, and-


Piper: “Now? You want to come out now?!


The soon-to-be parents rush off to the hospital just as their guests start arriving, and leave them to dance outside for only a handful of minutes before they speed away yelling about how the party sucked.

Sidenote: The women in green and white are two of Piper’s highschool friends, who are actually Kadia’s daughters!


A few grueling hours of labor later, Piper gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, who is promptly named Serena! Even as an infant, she’s uncannily Perceptive for her age, and has a Grumpy attitude.

As the family heads home, a now retired and possibly senile Kadia King freaks out about…something.

Kadia: “Jack-o-lanterns! I knew I was forgetting something! Spooky Day is ruined!

Piper: “I went into labor at my own party, how do you think I feel?”


We officially have a full house of celebrities! I’m not all that familiar with the celebrity system, so this will be new for me. I’ve heard it can get pretty aggravating, so it may get turned off for later generations, but I’d like to keep it on for at least a little while.

We have our first member of generation 2! Serena is of course named after Serena Williams the tennis legend.

This 2 chapters a day thing proooobably won’t last very long, but I’m gonna try to keep it going for as long as possible!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

-Mo ❤


  1. Livvielove · December 1, 2018

    Oh man, born on Spooky Day! Did you plan that or was that just perfect timing? I love it! Got a little boo-baby!
    I hope she gets Pip’s hair!
    I also love the Broposal. 😉
    XD These two are too much. What happens if their daughter is a girly-girl? XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • sims3mo · December 1, 2018

      Pip: “Bro, there’s only one thing I’d ever change about you.”
      Piper: “What is it bro?”
      Pip: *getting down on one knee* “Your last name.”
      Piper: *choking up* “/Bro./”

      I don’t know why or what I’m doing, but my 2nd gen kids always seem to be born on Spooky day. Or a full moon if I have the moon cycle enabled.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Livvielove · December 2, 2018

        Haha, I have a neat mod for that, gives a random chance for a supernatural birth on the Full Moon… however I never seem to have full moon births so it’s wasted on me.
        If you want it though: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=520400


      • sims3mo · December 31, 2018

        Ooh, nice! I’m playing on a fixed moon stage right now, but if I reactivate the cycle later on I will definitely throw that one in! Thanks for the link!

        Liked by 1 person

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