1.07 Bad Baby

Although Pip has a ways to go before maxing out the Athletic career, reaching level ten athletics skill means that he doesn’t have a whole lot to actively work on while at home. All his job requires at this point is that he show up to work more or less upright and know his coworkers names. This leaves him with plenty of time to fuss over baby Serena.


Pip: “Go! Go! Go! Go! You’re the pooping champion! That was a hole in one!”


Sometimes, however, he’s not quite as quick on the ball as Serena would like. Like, for example, when he gets distracted by the laundry partway through bringing her her morning mush and leaves her stranded in the highchair.


GAH. That is…a uniquely horrible expression for a toddler to make.

Serena: “I am…most displeased. Fetch my cretin of a father at once, peon.”

Jeez. I get that you’re a grumpy kid, but maybe tone it down a little?


Serena: “Hmmph. Never. My ire is as boundless as the horizon, as irascible as a burning flame, as inexorable as time itself! Call me petty if it please you, but I shall hold a grudge for each and every indignity visited upon me-

Pip: *sniiiiiiffff* “Is that a stinky diaper I smell?”

Serena: “-What? No!!”

Pip: “I think it is! ~Daddy’s widdle girl made a widdle mess!~ Oh yes you did!”

Serena: “Curse you father, I was in the middle of a dramatic monologue!”

Maybe save the intimidation attempts until you stop pooping yourself, kid.

Serena: “Silence.


Various…eccentricities aside, Pip and Piper both love their daughter very much, and put some serious thought into her future.

Piper: “Bro, I was just checking, and it turns out that the local elementary school doesn’t offer any sports clubs. It’s either ballet or scouts, that’s it, bro.”

Pip: “Bro. That’s, like, totally messed up, bro. So, like, the most physical thing our kid can do is dance? Lame.”

Piper: “Nah, bro, ballet is metal as fuck! A pro-dancer could, like, crush your skull with her toes. No lie.”

Pip: “Bro.”


When they can, the whole family gathers together to skill alongside one another.

Pip: “…and that’s how you mix a protein shake!”

Serena: “You are hopelessly puerile. I hope you know that.”

Piper: “Nah, bro, the parenting books say you’ve gotta make it accessible to her. Ooh, I know, tell her about making cookies!”

Serena: “…”

Serena: “…Continue.”


Later that day, Piper has a little stomach trouble; unfortunate for her career, which will grind to a halt again, but good news for the legacy!


The next morning, we have confirmation that Serena’s younger sibling is on his or her way.

All of this thinking about the next generation has me feeling a little sentimental, so I decided to have Piper make a call to the pet adoption agency.


Meet the little puppy Bear! He’s extremely Friendly, and picks up tricks so fast he seems like a Genius, but he’s also oddly Proud. Bear is also destined to live up to his name, since the shelter informed the Aces that he’s a large breed dog.


He’s still a puppy for now, and Marina is almost an elder dog, but I’m gonna try to get them to have puppies once he grows up. I don’t think I’m going to keep pets for every generation of this legacy, but Marina didn’t get a lot of attention and I think it would be nice to have some more dogs running around, especially since Pip is on standby mode.


As if to rub in my face how quickly things are speeding up, the very next night Pip ages up to an adult while partying at the Irwin house. He belatedly realizes that everyone else in the room is either old or obviously insane, and is promptly catapulted into a midlife crisis as he wonders where he went wrong in life.


At the same time, Piper goes into labor down the street. Pip is unfortunately stuck in a post-birthday lag, and I don’t feel like shelling out for a babysitter, so Baby #2 gets the dubious honor of being a home birth.


Welcome another baby girl! Her name is Simone, and she is born uncommonly bold, even Brave, and is a noticeably Heavy Sleeper. 


Welp, this has been sitting unfinished in my drafts for a truly unreasonable amount of time, so here ya go! It’s slightly shorter than I normally like to put out, but hey, at least it’s here.

Simone is named after Simone Biles, the truly awe-inspiring gold-winning olympic gymnast.

Normally I don’t project much of a personality onto my sims until they’re at least children, but Serena…her face just screams evil. Or at least snide condescension. Just to spite me she’ll probably get the good trait or something.

Bear was a spur of the moment decision, but Marina has actually been super useful at gathering materials, and I’d like to have her genes passed on before it’s too late.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Thank you in advance for any comments (special shoutout to Livvie here! <3), likes, or just silent appreciation!

I’ll do my best to have the next chapter up soon!

-Mo ❤


  1. CeresIn · December 31, 2018

    Oh my! Serena is pure gold, I don’t want to say lovely in case of some kind of retaliation on her part.


    • sims3mo · December 31, 2018

      She would HATE it, which is all the more reason to say it! 😉


  2. Livvielove · December 31, 2018

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You have no idea how much I love you for picking the name Bear for a dog. ❤ ❤ ❤

    I have to say I quite like Serena's spunk. She's starting young to earn our affections… I like it. I like it quite a lot!

    Short chapter but very much worth it! Hope your holidays were good, Mo!


    • sims3mo · December 31, 2018

      I’ve never had a dog named Bear, but I once very briefly met a Bear who was the sweetest puppy I ever saw in my life. I saw this little guy and I immediately thought of him.

      Speaking of dogs, I think in my head Serena is just Tiff reincarnated….Huh.

      Thank you Liv! My holidays were wonderful, and I got to spend some time looking after my cousin’s toddlers (which is part of what gave me inspiration to write again, lol).

      Liked by 1 person

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