1.08 I Think I’ve Lost Control of My Sims

With two adults, two kids, and two dogs, the tiny one room shack just isn’t cutting it anymore. Pip and Piper have plenty of simoleons in the bank (almost 18,000!), so I feel pretty comfortable splurging it all on building them a real house.


Behold, a semi-decent living situation. The original Cube of Shame is sticking around as a garage/back-up bathroom.

I’m not great at designing homes for my sims, so I took a piece of advice I read somewhere online and just copied a real-life house floorplan that I found online. I think it worked out pretty well!


Of course, as soon as I took these pictures I needed to adjust some things, but for the most part, this is it.

Some random picspam to show off the inside…


One of the things that needed to be updated right away was the addition of a desk and computer to the entry area. Money is a little tight after the building project, so no laptop, but this ancient desktop is still functional enough for Piper’s inappropriate trait to rear its head on various forums. *sigh*


The girls’ room is a little sparse for now, but ideally that will leave plenty of space for them to grow into it.


Little Bear is teeny tiny, but a bit of a bed hog; Marina hasn’t set foot in that thing once since he joined the household.


Piper gets a nice easel, and is put on a strict regimen of small paintings until she can paint her and Pip’s portraits.

Piper: “Bro, come on! I’m, like, this close to maxing out my athletics skill!”

Nuh-uh. Not until you roll a wish for it. I’m addicted to those tasty, tasty “Reach level 10” wishes.


Unfortunately, Marina takes the new scenery as a prompt to start being a pain in the mornings. After two days of this I ended up locking their bedroom door.

She didn’t even need anything! Pets just decide to be annoying in this game, I guess. Not too far from real life.


With spring comes constant rainy weather, which, again, not very fitting for a desert. It also brings another promotion for Pip, who is now team captain.


Serena: “Father! Enough doting upon your other spawn, I require assistance with the commode.”

Pip’s schedule these days is pretty much waking up, taking care of the kids, going to work, and training Piper. He’s barely touched a workout machine since he finished the skill.


Pip: “Do I look a little…pudgy to you?”

Piper: “Yeah, bro, I wasn’t gonna say anything…”


Pip: “WHAT?!? Really?”

Piper: “Chillax, I’m just kidding. The only one who needs to worry about getting out of shape is me.”

Pip: “Thats not funny!”



Marina keeps Bear up to date on the best trash to bring back from a hunt. Gems shmems, random leaves and feathers are where it’s at.



Serena wraps up her various toy skills, so Piper takes her to the local library to read all of her toddler books. A random paparazzi man spots them and falls instantly in love. Creeper.


Coming home, Piper is in a weird mood…she’s itching to get back to work, but at the same time, she feels like motherhood is suiting her…


Piper: “Bro, I want another baby.”

Pip: “Huh?”


Oh, wipe that stupid crosseyed look off your face. This was not the plan! Why did you have to roll a wish for a kid after you’d already had your two planned ones?

Piper: “Don’t look at me, you’re the one who indulged me and got me pregnant again.”

So, yeah. Baby Ace #3 is on his-or-her way.


Since there just isn’t enough chaos in the household yet, I decided to throw a birthday party on the day Serena and Simone are due to age up. These utterly forgettable pudding faced randos are two of Pip and Piper’s new coworkers – all the old ones have either retired or died of old age.


Serena: “Excellent, soon I will be free to do as I wish! No longer will I be beholden to these useless meatheads-”

You know you still have a curfew, right?

Serena: “Curses!


She has no right whatsoever to look that cute. You can’t hide the truth from me, missy! You are stone cold evil.

Serena: “Are you sure about that?’




At the end of the last chapter, I predicted that Serena would roll a trait the completely conflicted with the personality I gave her, just to spite me. Well, guess what. She rolled Family Oriented.

Serena: “Curse my affectionate and child-rearing nature!”

Predictably, Serena ages up in something unspeakable. Let’s give her a few minutes to restyle and check on Simone, shall we?


Ohhhhh, look at her! What a cutie patootie. She looks a lot like her dad, but definitely got her mom’s big startled eyes. The hair is pure black, not purple, so that’s probably just something StoryProgression tossed in there.


Barry Gilbert, the last surviving original pro-athlete, nervously compliments Pip on how well-behaved and neat his daughter is.


Then he breaks the sink, because a party in the sims don’t start until the guests wreck your house.


Serena: “Get out of my house, old man!

Now there’s the Serena we all know and love.



And since everything I do always happens on the same day (why?????) Bear grows into his name that night. He’s super-duper cute, and reminds me a lot of Tiff, a legacy dog from my last legacy.

Of course, the plan was for him to help make us some puppies, so he’s immediately kicked out to the doghouse with Marina.


Pretty soon, this house will have five sims and (at LEAST) three dogs.

God help me.


Everything is CHAOS.

That is all.

(Thank you in advance for any comments, likes, or just silent appreciation!)

Happy New Years everyone!

-Mo ❤

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