1.09 F***boy


Serena and Simone are about as different as two sisters can be. Serena is…well, Serena. The only difference is that now she screams at inanimate objects.


Simone, on the other hand, is pretty giggly and sweet. Although, she does seem to have picked up on some of her big sister’s ideas…

Pip: “Remember our lessons about sharing? If someone asks to borrow your things, what do you say?”

Simone: “No! Bad thief!”

Pip: “Uhh, no-”

Simone: “Kick butt for sissy!”


Serena’s analytical mind makes all forms of strategy relatively easy, from chess to manipulating her little sister. Training Simone to be the perfect minion is child’s play, really, but it’s good practice for when she gets older and inevitably has some diabolical plot to hatch.



Bear is adjusting well to adulthood! Being a genius (or, as much of a genius as a dog CAN be), he picks up on lessons quickly and doesn’t chew up furniture or pee inside the house even once.


He’s a prideful dog, so he would never do anything as undignified as chasing after the mailman – instead, he pees on him.

Bear: “Hmmph. Commoner.”

Mailman: *sigh* “Legacy houses, man.”


In a creepy turn of events, the paparazzo from last chapter who thought Piper was hot keeps turning up on the Aces’ front doorstep. Bear may be decent at passive aggression, but he’s rubbish as a guard dog.

Bear: “Why wouldn’t I like him? He appreciates how wonderful my family is!”


The dogs seem to have taken it upon themselves to look after the girls. This is cute for the obvious reasons, but also because they really bring out Serena’s human side.


Serena: “Who’s a cute puppy? Who’s my widdle polar bear? …My god, who have I become?”


Simone: “‘Rina fat!”

Yeah, well, she’s pregnant, kid.



While waiting for her third (and final) baby to pop out, Piper gets invited to a party hosted by an old high school friend. I’ve had her nose to the athletics/painting/pregnancy grindstone so far, so I thought it would be nice for her to reconnect with the King twins.


Only, once I actually took a look at her friend tabs, I realized, “Oh hey, one of them’s actually her old highschool flame. Who is still her romantic interest.” (That would be Abrianna, the not-pregnant and glitched one.) So, uh. That’s one way to realize that your sim is bi.

Piper awkwardly breaks up with her (well, “asks to be friends,” which is basically the same thing in the sims), and gets kicked out of the party for her trouble. I suppose I can’t blame Abrianna. What else do you do when a visibly pregnant girl who you made out with once in high school walks up to you and says “btw I’m married so we can’t be a thing.”

…Oh fuck. Piper is a fuckboy.

…Fuckgirl? Whatever.



On that hilarious and horrifying note, time for baby #3!


A quick trip to the hospital later, and we welcome little baby Cris Ace to the family! He’s sweet and Good natured, and very Perceptive for a baby.

Piper has a belated moments of panic when she realizes they didn’t leave room in the nursery for another crib.


A bit of shuffling later, and all the little guys are crammed in. Serena grumbles a little about having to share a bedroom with “her minions,” but there’s no bite to it. Secretly, she kind of likes being able to keep a watchful eye on them at night.



Piper FINALLY heads back to work, after stalling for ages on maternity leave. As soon as she sets foot in the carpool, however, she rolls ANOTHER wish for a baby!

NO! Absolutely not! Three is plenty for generation one, you weirdo!

Especially considering who those kids are.


Serena: “Ah, springtime! Fresh air! A new day of school, and the mailman has no idea i rigged a booby trap on the mailbox!”

Mailman: “…Is she serious or joking?”

Serena: “Wouldn’t you like to know!”


Piper: “Uhhh, I don’t know that one either…what class did you say this was for?”

Serena: “*sigh* Algebra, mother. I’m in the advanced class. Honestly, didn’t you study this yourself once?”

Piper: “I dunno, I always just paid some nerd to do my homework for me.”


Simone seems to think that if she makes the most suspicious face in the world, no one will realize that she dented mom and dad’s championship trophy. Dad doesn’t notice anything, but Mom does.

Mom always notices.



To wrap things up, Marina had her puppies! They’re a boy and a girl, and after some poking around with MasterController I found out that they’re both going to be small dogs like their mom. The female puppy is friendly and hyper, and the boy is non-destructive and a hunter.

I was going to name them myself, but I decided it would be more fun to let you guys name them! Post your suggestion in the comments, and if I get more than two suggestions before the next chapter goes up I’ll pick them at random.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the chapter!


One comment

  1. Livvielove · January 27, 2019

    A name for puppies? Ooh that’s a tricky one!
    We’ve got Bear and Marina, so what about calling one Kitty? Hehehe, fits with the slight theme of using names of other animals as a name. Kitty and maybe Bug.
    I dunno, feel free to use other names. I’m not having a very creative night tonight. XD
    I can’t wait to see Cris grown! We finally have a boy! Though I do love Serena, of course.
    Lol Piper *would* want another kid. It’s like they forget what it means to have a job and dreams other than popping kids out sometimes! like HELLO have you forgotten your LTW??? Get your head in the game, would ya?


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