1.10 Birthdays Galore

Hello fair readers! Didya miss me?

As you may or may not remember, the last chapter ended with two puppies being born:


Please, ignore the potty chair in the foreground. This is Bug, the female pup, name kindly provided by Livvie!


Livvie actually provided two names, but Bug’s brother was named by an old IRL friend of mine, who requested he be called Ham, after a nightmare of a dog we both know. May he not live up to his pee-happy namesake!

Kind of annoyingly, they’re practically identical, right down to the pale stripes across their backs, so telling who’s who in pictures is anyone’s guess. Not that there are many pictures from their puppyhood; what with a newborn and toddler in the house, not to mention Serena being too young to help out and Piper going back to work, Bug and Ham were left to their own devices unless their moods dropped dangerously low.


If Pip and Piper aren’t teaching one of their kids to walk, they’re teaching a dog to hunt.

Bear has started venturing out on hunting expeditions when he’s not keeping an eye on his pups, and has already brought in a few low-value gems and metals.


Pip is now the League MVP, at level 8 in the Pro Sports career. Despite busily working his way through the last level to his lifetime wish of being a superstar athlete, Pip makes sure to make plenty of time for his family.


Piper does too, but being back on the job has made her a bit single-track minded. Serena probably didn’t expect a sports biography when she asked for a bedtime story!

Serena: “Very on brand, mom.”




Somewhere in the whirlwind of diapers and dogbones, Piper becomes an adult, reminding me to get my butt in gear and get her working on her career and lifetime wish. She’s lagging far behind her husband, at only level 4 in her career, and although she’s maxed out the athletics skill she has yet to start on logic (as a reminder, I’ve changed her lifetime wish to Perfect Mind Perfect Body).


Just a few days later, she’s earned a promotion, and Cris is a toddler!


Pip wastes no time in chattering away about how “totally awesome” sports are, but Cris doesn’t seem to be buying it.

His features are very much Pip, but he has Piper’s hair and, although you can’t tell in this picture, he’s also the only kid to have inherited her blue eyes.




Serena: “I really can’t wait until you’re too old to bang away on that infernal toy.”

Simone: *giggle* “Sissy funny! Wanna play?”

Serena: “No. Sissy really don’t wanna play.”

Serena despairs of her family sometimes, she really does.


Pip: “Uhh, is the answer…64?”

Serena: “…Dad, this is a history question.”

Pip: “…Is that a no?”

See what I mean?


When she needs to escape the chaos, sweatiness, and general dumb-assery of her family, she heads out to paint on the front porch. Eventually, she’ll probably be quite talented, but for now her style her style is still…limited.

Serena: “Shut up.




Bear and Marina heading out on a hunting trip! Marina is now an elder, but still going strong.


Before long, it’s time for the girls’ birthday!


Serena is completely uninterested in being “friends” with any of the morons she goes to school with, so Piper had to invite a handful of work friends to keep the party from being completely empty.


It’s probably bad parenting to laugh at your kid for not having friends, but since when has the Sims cared about things like “etiquette” and “morality?”


A few minutes and a wardrobe change later, Serena is a teen with the newly selected Ambitious trait, and it’s Simone’s turn at the cake!

Serena: “I’m so excited for you, minion!”


To her delight, her minion Simone rolls the Genius trait, making her useful not only as a minion, but a potential chess partner.


Serena: “Together we will rule the world.

Simone: “Uh huh. Whatever you say, you freak.”


Serena: “Repeat after me: ‘I solemnly swear I will continue the trend of my sisters, and be an academic wunderkind and credit to the family name.'”

Cris: “?”

Serena: “We’ll work on it.”

Cris: 😀



Things in-game have been almost as hectic as real life! Not going to go into details, but man am I happy last semester is over.

I have discovered a pitfall in having both parents work in the sports career – not only do athlete sims work the normal number of days, they also have games on another two. Which means Pip and Piper really only have one day off a week. YIKES.

Thankfully, Serena is a teen and can babysit Cris if need be, so hopefully things will be a bit smoother going forward.

Another thing: I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I am using the optional “Legacy Trait” rule, meaning that every child born into the family must get a specific family trait before they reach young adult. The trait I’ve chosen is Ambitious.

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll try my best to have the next chapter up in a reasonable timeframe, but we all know how well that’s worked out for me in the past. 😉 Please, leave a comment or like if you enjoyed!

-Mo ❤

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