1.11 Hasty Decisions

Welcome back! First thing’s first – the Ace family is rapidly expanding, so it’s time for the house to grow to match.


The main room gets extended so that the poor dogs aren’t being tripped over every few minutes, and a master bedroom with an attached bathroom/laundry room gets tacked on.

Note the outdoor doghouse/telescope area to the right – I’m planning on turning that into a pseudo-courtyard eventually.


Pip and Piper’s old bedroom gets converted into a private bedroom for Serena – because of Simone’s Heavy Sleeper trait, Cris’s crying will never wake her up. A handy bonus from an otherwise useless trait!


Another bit of bookkeeping – as some of you may be able to tell by his outfit, Pip has become a Superstar Athlete, fulfilling his lifetime wish! Since completing that pushed his lifetime happiness over 100,000, this legacy has earned 2 points!




While Pip is being a productive member of society, his daughter is anything but – her very first day as a teen Serena wakes up in a bad mood, skips school, and runs around town egging houses.


Of course, the fuzz have to be party poopers.


Piper: “I can’t believe you! You egged your uncle’s house? Totally uncool, bro!”

Apparently, Serena took out her teenage angst on the house owned by Piper’s stepmother and half-brother, Pansy and Alfonzo Northrop. (Her estranged father passed away some time ago.)

Piper: “You are benched- uh, I mean grounded, dude!”


Serena: “This is completely unfair. It’s not like any of us have even met them.”

Piper: “Hey! You! In the uniform! If I read anything about this in tomorrow’s paper your ass is fired!”

(Her suspicion isn’t unreasonable – this same maid introduced herself by announcing that all she cares about is wealth and she’d be perfectly willing to bang Pip to get it.)




Unlike her big sister, Simone quickly makes several friends. Two days in a row, she gets invited over to a classmate’s home after school – first Joline Irwin-Diwan, who lives on the outskirts of town…


…and then Gregorio Tanner-King, who lives just down the road. Both of his parents are old friends of her mom’s, so Simone makes an effort to be polite.

Simone: “Your decorating style is…really unique.”

She carefully doesn’t look at the zebra-print chair.


Despite her antisocial tendencies, prom is right around the corner, which means every self-respecting teen needs a date. Serena faces a serious problem – not only is every boy in high school much older than her, but almost all of them already have a girlfriend.


In desperation, she tracks down Dustin Diwan – Joline’s…uncle, I think? He’s very nearly a young adult, but he’s single, and that’s all that matters, really.


A little bit of flirting shows that he’s definitely not against the idea of dating, just a little shy, and perhaps a touch neurotic. All she knew about him going in is that he has a “band” – although he’s the only member, and there are no places in town that would hire him, so she’s not sure what he actually does.


Still, he’s cute, in a greasy, mullet-y sort of way. Despite herself, Serena starts to feel fond of him.


Serena: “If you’re sure to take a long shower before, I would definitely go to prom with you.”

Dustin: “Oh. Really? Wow. That sounds…really nice!”

Then he turns her down for a kiss. Like I said, neurotic.


Aaaand then he shows up to prom in…whatever this is?

Serena: “You know what, I’m not even gonna ask.”


At prom itself, Dustin leans in for a quick peck of a kiss – possibly making up for his embarrassing rejection earlier – and even asks Serena to go steady! Impulsively, she agrees – it’s not like there are a ton of options for her, and at least he’s cute!



The next day, he follows her home after school so that they can get to know one another while she babysits Cris. Despite being an anxious loner, Dustin apparently wants to work as a musician – or maybe a composer. The guy who’s in a band is into music, big shock.


Then dad gets home and the bonding moment is violently broken.

Pip: “I can’t believe you skipped out on work! That’s not the kind of work ethic this team is looking for! And by “team” I mean legacy!”

Dustin: “Awkward. If I just hide my face, maybe I can disappear.”

Serena: “Uhhhhh…”

Oh, whoops. I completely forgot that I signed her up for a part-time job to fulfill a wish. My bad?


Dustin: “If it’s all the same to you, Mr. Ace sir, I think I’ll be going now?”



When Simone said she was going to play videogames, this probably isn’t what her family had in mind.



Oh dear. I completely lost track of time, so unfortunately for Cris his birthday comes while he’s standing in a puddle of pee.


Sick outfit, kid.

He’s lucky he’s so cute. Fittingly, he rolls the Excitable trait, making his child personality Good, Perceptive, and Excitable.


Cris: “I’ll still see you at recess, right?”

Serena: *sigh* “Yes, you’ll see me during recess. And before class starts. And after school.”

Cris: “You promise?

Serena: “Yes, I promise. Now go bother Simone.”


Two updates in two days? Never thought I’d see that happen!

Things are moving along nicely – honestly, I’m relieved I finally managed to track down a potential partner for Serena. I wouldn’t have normally agreed to go steady during the prom event, but I was concerned Dustin’d age up and start having kids unless I nailed him down fast. He is significantly older than Serena, so you won’t be seeing him around much for now. Teen and young adult sims can’t actually do anything romantic, but it kinda subtly skeeves me out.


Oh, Bug and Ham are now fully grown dogs! They’re still confusingly similar – the only difference is their muzzle. Bug (on the left) has a slightly longer, blockier snout, and Ham has a shorter, narrower one.

Anyway! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment or like if you did – they feed the author. 😉

-Mo ❤

Point count: 4

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