1.12 Roachy and the Techno-Geek



Desperate to escape the confines of forced skill training in the house, Simone rolls a wish to collect an insect. As if the family doesn’t have enough pets already. She fails at collecting two separate butterflies and three beetles, but finally nails a catch!


It’s a cockroach. Undeterred, Simone names him Roachy and declares that he’s her favorite thing ever.

Her brave trait means that unlike her family, she has no problems with having a creepy crawly around, and she’s baffled at anyone saying “ew” or “gross” or “get that thing away or so help me.”


Simone: “Remember Ham, no eating Roachy. Bugs are friends, not food.”

Cris: “I’d be okay with him eating Roachy, actually.”

Simone: “Oh be quiet, you big baby.”

Cris feels bad for not being supportive of Simone’s…pet, but the thing gives him the heebie-jeebies.


He complains about the situation to Chanda Loera-Steel, who followed him home after school and now has no way of escaping this conversation until her parents come to pick her up.

Cris: “I don’t know what to do! I was gonna ‘accidentally’ drop one of dad’s weights on it, but then Simone’d get really mad, and she’d probably cry, and I don’t want to make her sad.”


Chanda nods sympathetically. “You could dump it in a garden, probably. Bugs love plants.” She has extensive experience with this; her parents are both outdoorsy types, and insist on taking her and her four siblings camping all. The. Time.



Pip, Bear, and Bug(?) enjoy some fine cinema. Pip has taken up cooking as a hobby, and his kids insist he learn how to make something other than “another stupid salad.”


The dog pack’s hunting exploits have tuned up enough pieces to make this…skeleton-thing. Pip insists it’s called Fred, and it’s “cool and educational.” Serena insists it’s “creepy and disturbing,” and “keeping it around probably counts as some kind of child abuse.” Cris is cheerfully oblivious to its existence.



Before you know it, it’s time for Simone’s birthday.


…Yeesh. Let’s get you a change of clothes, huh?


Much better, although she definitely didn’t inherit her dad’s physique. I think she has a sort of “nineties-teen-movie vision of a hacker” look to her.

Like Serena, Simone gets the ambitious trait upon aging up.


The most observant readers may have noticed someone lurking in the background of the past few pics – closer observation reveals that this creeper is none other than Dustin, Serena’s greasy musician boyfriend! He graduated from high school a few days ago (which is like, months in sim time), and hasn’t been around since. He mumbles something about being busy at his new job before he stuffs some cake in his mouth and wanders off.

Serena: “I am way too tired to deal with this shit.”



Cris and Simone always seem to end up spending time together, even when I don’t deliberately arrange it that way. I send Simone to do her homework, Cris pulls his out and sits next to her. He plays with the block table, she practices chess.

Probably a good thing they get along, since they still share a bedroom. (I swear I’m gonna add a second floor eventually.)


Simone: “Look squirt, you keep your stuff on your side of the room, and I’ll keep mine on mine, and we won’t have to wrestle for dominance.”

Cris: “But your really suspicious and kind of dangerous ‘chemical bench’ is on my side of the room!”

Simone: “I wasn’t kidding about the wrestling, you know. And I’m not afraid to use my skinny, skinny elbows.”

Cris: …. 😡


The bench is only in their room at all because there was no room for it anywhere else, and in here it’s conveniently close to the bathroom in case of situations like…well, like these. Oddly enough, mixing volatile chemicals can result in explosions!

Simone: “I don’t understand how this could have possibly gone wrong.”



All the kids together in one shot! I mean, they’re all avoiding looking at, interacting with, or even acknowledging one another, but that’s gotta count for something.

Like this, you can tell how different Simone looks compared to her siblings. With the inexplicable black hair, she looks more like a cousin than a sister.



Serena’s been keeping herself busy – she got an opportunity to raise her grades in exchange for raising her writing skill, so she’s been glued to her laptop whenever she isn’t at school or doing homework.


Or out meeting her classmates. This poorly lit gentleman is German Matlapin, who I ordered her to interact with so I could see if he was a decent match for Simone. Turns out, although he is Friendly and Artistic, he’s also Insane and a Technophobe.


Serena: “No dice, sir. Insane we could work with, but Technophobe is just irritating.”

German: “Ah, that’s all right! I actually have a girlfriend already.”

Yeesh. What is up with the eligible young men in this town? I did some EXTENSIVE poking around, and it turns out that virtually every boy in Serena and Simone’s generation is either a) insane, b) a technophobe, c) insane AND a technophobe, or d) just looks bad.


Serena: “I have failed in my mission. I bring dishonor upon this family.”

Simone: “Eh, don’t sweat it. I’ll find my diamond in the rough eventually.”



Pip: “You’re smart, kid. Smarter than all of us. I know you’re gonna go places.”

Simone: “Only if those places have piles and piles of cash.”

What a mercenary outlook. I love it!



Sadly, not everything this chapter is lighthearted. Marina the gem-hunting canine aficionado has passed on, barely a few days after maxing out her age meter. I didn’t even get a picture of her dying – Grim had some odd routing problems and she eventually just went *poof*. Ah well, she died the way she lived: off screen and barely acknowledged.

Grim: “So…this is awkward.”

Everyone: *heartfelt sobbing*



Piper has been working on this horrific portrait of Pip for a while, but I finally noticed how blech it is. I was gonna have her scrap it and start over, but…


The rainbow sparkles of hair loss and back pain come for us all.


(Everyone politely ignores how the stripes on Pip’s suit have inexplicably changed with his age.)

Woot I have been on a roll lately with this legacy. I’m going to try to push through to the end of gen 1 by next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Love y’all, and please leave a comment if you enjoyed reading this!

-Mo ❤

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