So What is a Legacy Challenge Anyway?

Let’s be real, if you’re reading this you probably already know what the Legacy Challenge is. Unless you just stumbled across this by accident, and are currently wondering, “What is this??? What is a legacy? What, for the love of all that is holy, is The Sims 3??” To which I say, “Oh you sweet innocent little bumpkin, do not ask me these things. Run. While you still can. Run and never look back.”

But seriously, you probably already know this stuff, but it bears repeating, plus a lot of legacy writers fiddle with the optional rules to customize the experience. So!

Here’s a link to Pinstar’s actual rules, but I’ll also summarize below.

The Basics

  1. Start with one Sim which you created, with any appearance, and five traits, and any three favorites.
  2. Move them into the largest empty lot available in the town of your choice.
  3. Bring their household funds down to $1300.(For some reason your starting money is higher with certain expansions, so I’ll actually be starting with $1800.)
  4. Starting with the founding Sim as Generation 1, play for a whopping 10 generations, with the birth of Generation 10 signaling the end of the legacy.


  1. You may use any item so long as it is ‘official'(read: created by EA) or serves the same purpose as an official item.
  2. No cooking or consumption of ambrosia.
  3. No consumption of life fruit.
  4. No resurrection of dead sims.
  5. No death flowers to ward off the Grim Reaper.
  6. No usage of these Lifetime Rewards: Inheritance, Dusty Old Lamp, Immortal, Age Freeze. Additionally, Moodlet Manager may not be used on a member of the current household, and Clone Voucher clones are not eligible to earn any points.
  7. No sims may be moved in that were either created or imported by the player.
  8. No ‘Rich’ Sims may be moved in by your founder.
  9. All traits you have the option to choose must be randomized.


  1. Points may be earned by anyone of the bloodline(connected to the founder via the family tree) who is also living in the legacy house.
  2. Spouses may only earn you points after they contribute to the next generation.
  3. Ghosts and ghost babies are not considered part of the bloodline, but adopted babies are.

Earning Points

  1. The birth of each generation gives you a point, meaning if you complete the challenge you will always have a minimum of 10 points. (10 points total can be earned in this category)
  2. The fulfillment of a unique Lifetime Wish gives you a point. Total number of points possible in this category varies from player to player depending on Expansion Packs. (Personally I have World Adventures, Ambition, Late Night, Generation, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, and University Life, so I have 76 possible points in this category, not that that’ll ever happen)
  3. A portrait/sepia photograph/sculpture/biography kept on display gives you a point. (Limited only by the number of family members who live in the house)
  4. Every $100,000 of net worth earns you a point.(Tops out at $2,000,000, or 20 points)
  5. Every 100,000 of Lifetime Happiness points earns you a point. Counts even if the points are spent.(Can go up to 2 points per sim. Theoretically could also go up 3 points but I highly doubt that will happen)

The Personal Touch

There are a couple of rules that some people vary on depending on interpretation, so here are mine for the record.

  • Any object you possess you can sell. This includes gifts, stolen goods, and rummaged materials.
  • Sims may only be aged up on their birthday. This inlcudes sims from outside the household – no aging up a teen boyfriend/girlfriend early to be a spouse.
  • Any blood descendant of your founder can be used for points, provided they live in the house(as I saw a rule specifically removing ghost babies from this, they are the exception until I hear otherwise). Adopted children also count, but only if they are adopted as babies, to make them equivocable to biological children in terms of gameplay.
  • I will be using cheats ONLY in cases such as;
    • A bloodline in town is about to die off so I use MasterController to put the last sim in a relationship and force a pregnancy
    • A sim is stuck or buggy
    • I want to find out more about a sim for storytelling purposes, so I used MasterController to read their traits/family tree/etc.
    • I want to make a cool looking house but need moveobjects on to make it work
    • I also have a mod for canceling time off of work, which I honestly see as fair because of how long maternity leave can drag on. I will only be using it to cancel excess maternity leave, not honeymoon or festival days off.

There are a whole heck of a lot of optional rules people will use, from playing a Matriarchy/Patriarchy to Rainbowcies to…basically anything your heart desires. I’m pretty sure I saw a serial killer legacy around somewhere? Hardcore, man.

That being said, I’m gonna be pretty vanilla this time around. Just the storyteller option. Because of that I’ll be trying to give each generation its own unique flair or storyline, but I’m gonna consider that a personal goal rather than an official one. Speaking of personal goals, the highest score under Pinstar’s legacy rules I’ve so far seen has been Rad’s The Kyoti Legacy, with a staggering 133 points.(If you haven’t read it yet, go do that now. It’s amazing, reading the Kyoti Legacy is what first sold me on this whole challenge thing.) As a point of personal pride, I will be attempting to take on Rad’s record and get at the very least 134 points.