Hello world!

I’m Mona, aka Mo, aka MonaLisa – most of you will probably recognize me as the absentee author of the Gallant Legacy, which spanned over two whole years of writing and yet still only got to the second generation. (I know, I know.) To my horror, somehow every single save and backup save for the Gallants was corrupted, so their story is over. 😦

But all is not lost! A new, shiny legacy is starting up, and you can read it right here!

This isn’t my first time attempting a Legacy Challenge, and it isn’t even my first time recording it in a blog, but it will(hopefully) be my first time to actually make it to the fabled Generation 10. I’m using both nraas StoryProgression and MasterController mods to make the neighborhood and my story more interesting, and Overwatch so my poor laptop doesn’t give up the ghost by the second generation. I am using a mac, so the graphics quality will be…lackluster at best, but hey! You’re here for my shiny storytelling skills and sparkling personality, right, not just the pretty pictures? Right??? guys where are you going

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoyed making it!

Wish me luck? -Mo