1.09 F***boy


Serena and Simone are about as different as two sisters can be. Serena is…well, Serena. The only difference is that now she screams at inanimate objects.


Simone, on the other hand, is pretty giggly and sweet. Although, she does seem to have picked up on some of her big sister’s ideas…

Pip: “Remember our lessons about sharing? If someone asks to borrow your things, what do you say?”

Simone: “No! Bad thief!”

Pip: “Uhh, no-”

Simone: “Kick butt for sissy!”


Serena’s analytical mind makes all forms of strategy relatively easy, from chess to manipulating her little sister. Training Simone to be the perfect minion is child’s play, really, but it’s good practice for when she gets older and inevitably has some diabolical plot to hatch.



Bear is adjusting well to adulthood! Being a genius, he picks up on lessons quickly and doesn’t chew up furniture or pee inside the house even once.


He’s a prideful dog, so he would never do anything as undignified as chasing after the mailman – instead, he pees on him.

Bear: “Hmmph. Commoner.”

Mailman: *sigh* “Legacy houses, man.”


In a creepy turn of events, the paparazzo from last chapter who thought Piper was hot keeps turning up on the Aces’ front doorstep. Bear may be decent at passive aggression, but he’s rubbish as a guard dog.

Bear: “Why wouldn’t I like him? He appreciates how wonderful my family is!”


The dogs seem to have taken it upon themselves to look after the girls. This is cute for the obvious reasons, but also because they really bring out Serena’s human side.


Serena: “Who’s a cute puppy? Who’s my widdle polar bear? …My god, who have I become?”


Simone: “‘Rina fat!”

Yeah, well, she’s pregnant, kid.



While waiting for her third (and final) baby to pop out, Piper gets invited to a party hosted by an old high school friend. I’ve had her nose to the athletics/painting/pregnancy grindstone so far, so I thought it would be nice for her to reconnect with the King twins.


Only, once I actually took a look at her friend tabs, I realized, “Oh hey, one of them’s actually her old highschool flame. Who is still her romantic interest.” (That would be Abrianna, the not-pregnant and glitched one.) So, uh. That’s one way to realize that your sim is bi.

Piper awkwardly breaks up with her (well, “asks to be friends,” which is basically the same thing in the sims), and gets kicked out of the party for her trouble. I suppose I can’t blame Abrianna. What else do you do when a visibly pregnant girl who you made out with once in high school walks up to you and says “btw I’m married so we can’t be a thing.”

…Oh fuck. Piper is a fuckboy.



On that hilarious and horrifying note, time for baby #3!


A quick trip to the hospital later, and we welcome little baby Cris Ace to the family! He’s sweet and Good natured, and very Perceptive for a baby.

Piper has a belated moments of panic when she realizes they didn’t leave room in the nursery for another crib.


A bit of shuffling later, and all the little guys are crammed in. Serena grumbles a little about having to share a bedroom with “her minions,” but there’s no bite to it. Secretly, she kind of likes being able to keep an eye on them at night.



Piper FINALLY heads back to work, after stalling for ages on maternity leave. As soon as she sets foot in the carpool, however, she rolls ANOTHER wish for a baby!

NO! Absolutely not! Three is plenty for generation one, you weirdo!

Especially considering who those kids are.


Serena: “Ah, springtime! Fresh air! A new day of school, and the mailman has no idea i rigged a booby trap on the mailbox!”

Mailman: “…Is she serious or joking?”

Serena: “Wouldn’t you like to know!”


Piper: “Uhhh, I don’t know that one either…what class did you say this was for?”

Serena: “*sigh* Algebra, mother. I’m in the advanced class. Honestly, didn’t you study this yourself once?”

Piper: “I dunno, I always just paid some nerd to do my homework for me.”


Simone seems to think that if she makes the most suspicious face in the world, no one will realize that she dented mom and dad’s championship trophy. Dad doesn’t notice anything, but Mom does.

Mom always notices.



To wrap things up, Marina had her puppies! They’re a boy and a girl, and after some poking around with MasterController I found out that they’re both going to be small dogs like their mom. The female puppy is friendly and hyper, and the boy is non-destructive and a hunter.

I was going to name them myself, but I decided it would be more fun to let you guys name them! Post your suggestion in the comments, and if I get more than two suggestions before the next chapter goes up I’ll pick them at random.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the chapter!



1.08 I Think I’ve Lost Control of My Sims

With two adults, two kids, and two dogs, the tiny one room shack just isn’t cutting it anymore. Pip and Piper have plenty of simoleons in the bank (almost 18,000!), so I feel pretty comfortable splurging it all on building them a real house.


Behold, a semi-decent living situation. The original Cube of Shame is sticking around as a garage/back-up bathroom.

I’m not great at designing homes for my sims, so I took a piece of advice I read somewhere online and just copied a real-life house floorplan that I found online. I think it worked out pretty well!


Of course, as soon as I took these pictures I needed to adjust some things, but for the most part, this is it.

Some random picspam to show off the inside…


One of the things that needed to be updated right away was the addition of a desk and computer to the entry area. Money is a little tight after the building project, so no laptop, but this ancient desktop is still functional enough for Piper’s inappropriate trait to rear its head on various forums. *sigh*


The girls’ room is a little sparse for now, but ideally that will leave plenty of space for them to grow into it.


Little Bear is teeny tiny, but a bit of a bed hog; Marina hasn’t set foot in that thing once since he joined the household.


Piper gets a nice easel, and is put on a strict regimen of small paintings until she can paint her and Pip’s portraits.

Piper: “Bro, come on! I’m, like, this close to maxing out my athletics skill!”

Nuh-uh. Not until you roll a wish for it. I’m addicted to those tasty, tasty “Reach level 10” wishes.


Unfortunately, Marina takes the new scenery as a prompt to start being a pain in the mornings. After two days of this I ended up locking their bedroom door.

She didn’t even need anything! Pets just decide to be annoying in this game, I guess. Not too far from real life.


With spring comes constant rainy weather, which, again, not very fitting for a desert. It also brings another promotion for Pip, who is now team captain.


Serena: “Father! Enough doting upon your other spawn, I require assistance with the commode.”

Pip’s schedule these days is pretty much waking up, taking care of the kids, going to work, and training Piper. He’s barely touched a workout machine since he finished the skill.


Pip: “Do I look a little…pudgy to you?”

Piper: “Yeah, bro, I wasn’t gonna say anything…”


Pip: “WHAT?!? Really?”

Piper: “Chillax, I’m just kidding. The only one who needs to worry about getting out of shape is me.”

Pip: “Thats not funny!”



Marina keeps Bear up to date on the best trash to bring back from a hunt. Gems shmems, random leaves and feathers are where it’s at.



Serena wraps up her various toy skills, so Piper takes her to the local library to read all of her toddler books. A random paparazzi man spots them and falls instantly in love. Creeper.


Coming home, Piper is in a weird mood…she’s itching to get back to work, but at the same time, she feels like motherhood is suiting her…


Piper: “Bro, I want another baby.”

Pip: “Huh?”


Oh, wipe that stupid crosseyed look off your face. This was not the plan! Why did you have to roll a wish for a kid after you’d already had your two planned ones?

Piper: “Don’t look at me, you’re the one who indulged me and got me pregnant again.”

So, yeah. Baby Ace #3 is on his-or-her way.


Since there just isn’t enough chaos in the household yet, I decided to throw a birthday party on the day Serena and Simone are due to age up. These utterly forgettable pudding faced randos are two of Pip and Piper’s new coworkers – all the old ones have either retired or died of old age.


Serena: “Excellent, soon I will be free to do as I wish! No longer will I be beholden to these useless meatheads-”

You know you still have a curfew, right?

Serena: “Curses!


She has no right whatsoever to look that cute. You can’t hide the truth from me, missy! You are stone cold evil.

Serena: “Are you sure about that?’




At the end of the last chapter, I predicted that Serena would roll a trait the completely conflicted with the personality I gave her, just to spite me. Well, guess what. She rolled Family Oriented.

Serena: “Curse my affectionate and child-rearing nature!”

Predictably, Serena ages up in something unspeakable. Let’s give her a few minutes to restyle and check on Simone, shall we?


Ohhhhh, look at her! What a cutie patootie. She looks a lot like her dad, but definitely got her mom’s big startled eyes. The hair is pure black, not purple, so that’s probably just something StoryProgression tossed in there.


Barry Gilbert, the last surviving original pro-athlete, nervously compliments Pip on how well-behaved and neat his daughter is.


Then he breaks the sink, because a party in the sims don’t start until the guests wreck your house.


Serena: “Get out of my house, old man!

Now there’s the Serena we all know and love.



And since everything I do always happens on the same day (why?????) Bear grows into his name that night. He’s super-duper cute, and reminds me a lot of Tiff, a legacy dog from my last legacy.

Of course, the plan was for him to help make us some puppies, so he’s immediately kicked out to the doghouse with Marina.


Pretty soon, this house will have five sims and (at LEAST) three dogs.

God help me.


Everything is CHAOS.

That is all.

(Thank you in advance for any comments, likes, or just silent appreciation!)

Happy New Years everyone!

-Mo ❤

1.07 Bad Baby

Although Pip has a ways to go before maxing out the Athletic career, reaching level ten athletics skill means that he doesn’t have a whole lot to actively work on while at home. All his job requires at this point is that he show up to work more or less upright and know his coworkers names. This leaves him with plenty of time to fuss over baby Serena.


Pip: “Go! Go! Go! Go! You’re the pooping champion! That was a hole in one!”


Sometimes, however, he’s not quite as quick on the ball as Serena would like. Like, for example, when he gets distracted by the laundry partway through bringing her her morning mush and leaves her stranded in the highchair.


GAH. That is…a uniquely horrible expression for a toddler to make.

Serena: “I am…most displeased. Fetch my cretin of a father at once, peon.”

Jeez. I get that you’re a grumpy kid, but maybe tone it down a little?


Serena: “Hmmph. Never. My ire is as boundless as the horizon, as irascible as a burning flame, as inexorable as time itself! Call me petty if it please you, but I shall hold a grudge for each and every indignity visited upon me-

Pip: *sniiiiiiffff* “Is that a stinky diaper I smell?”

Serena: “-What? No!!”

Pip: “I think it is! ~Daddy’s widdle girl made a widdle mess!~ Oh yes you did!”

Serena: “Curse you father, I was in the middle of a dramatic monologue!”

Maybe save the intimidation attempts until you stop pooping yourself, kid.

Serena: “Silence.


Various…eccentricities aside, Pip and Piper both love their daughter very much, and put some serious thought into her future.

Piper: “Bro, I was just checking, and it turns out that the local elementary school doesn’t offer any sports clubs. It’s either ballet or scouts, that’s it, bro.”

Pip: “Bro. That’s, like, totally messed up, bro. So, like, the most physical thing our kid can do is dance? Lame.”

Piper: “Nah, bro, ballet is metal as fuck! A pro-dancer could, like, crush your skull with her toes. No lie.”

Pip: “Bro.”


When they can, the whole family gathers together to skill alongside one another.

Pip: “…and that’s how you mix a protein shake!”

Serena: “You are hopelessly puerile. I hope you know that.”

Piper: “Nah, bro, the parenting books say you’ve gotta make it accessible to her. Ooh, I know, tell her about making cookies!”

Serena: “…”

Serena: “…Continue.”


Later that day, Piper has a little stomach trouble; unfortunate for her career, which will grind to a halt again, but good news for the legacy!


The next morning, we have confirmation that Serena’s younger sibling is on his or her way.

All of this thinking about the next generation has me feeling a little sentimental, so I decided to have Piper make a call to the pet adoption agency.


Meet the little puppy Bear! He’s extremely Friendly, and picks up tricks so fast he seems like a Genius, but he’s also oddly Proud. Bear is also destined to live up to his name, since the shelter informed the Aces that he’s a large breed dog.


He’s still a puppy for now, and Marina is almost an elder dog, but I’m gonna try to get them to have puppies once he grows up. I don’t think I’m going to keep pets for every generation of this legacy, but Marina didn’t get a lot of attention and I think it would be nice to have some more dogs running around, especially since Pip is on standby mode.


As if to rub in my face how quickly things are speeding up, the very next night Pip ages up to an adult while partying at the Irwin house. He belatedly realizes that everyone else in the room is either old or obviously insane, and is promptly catapulted into a midlife crisis as he wonders where he went wrong in life.


At the same time, Piper goes into labor down the street. Pip is unfortunately stuck in a post-birthday lag, and I don’t feel like shelling out for a babysitter, so Baby #2 gets the dubious honor of being a home birth.


Welcome another baby girl! Her name is Simone, and she is born uncommonly bold, even Brave, and is a noticeably Heavy Sleeper. 


Welp, this has been sitting unfinished in my drafts for a truly unreasonable amount of time, so here ya go! It’s slightly shorter than I normally like to put out, but hey, at least it’s here.

Simone is named after Simone Biles, the truly awe-inspiring gold-winning olympic gymnast.

Normally I don’t project much of a personality onto my sims until they’re at least children, but Serena…her face just screams evil. Or at least snide condescension. Just to spite me she’ll probably get the good trait or something.

Bear was a spur of the moment decision, but Marina has actually been super useful at gathering materials, and I’d like to have her genes passed on before it’s too late.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Thank you in advance for any comments (special shoutout to Livvie here! <3), likes, or just silent appreciation!

I’ll do my best to have the next chapter up soon!

-Mo ❤

1.06 Snow in the Desert


Winter has come to the desert, and boy does it look weird. Snow just…doesn’t belong here.


Warm and toasty inside, Piper helps herself to some autumn salad (both her and Pip’s favorite dish), while Pip catches a few z’s. His sleep schedule is still messed up from his bachelor party just two nights ago (!!!) and with a newborn who knows when he’ll next get a full night of sleep.


There are a few treats in the mail today; first, wedding gifts have arrived!


As is typical, it’s a lot of pretty but ultimately useless junk. Piper sells off everything except for the cowboy painting and a few cheap posters which I for some reason didn’t set out for this pic, which get hung up inside.


Mr. Sexy Cowboy gets the place of pride in the dining/kitchen area.

Second, collectables!


The day before, I finally got around to buying Marina the Alpha Pet lifetime reward, which substantially boosts her hunting gains. She immediately dug up a chunk of Supernovium, one of the most expensive metals in the game, and today we get two smelted Supernovium ingots in the mail, each worth over $7,500!!

The Aces are sitting pretty on a comfy chunk of over 15k, and I could kiss that dorky little dog.


Pip: “Who’s daddy’s little girl! Who’s the bestest puppy in the whole wide world!”


And then she needs another flea bath. She may be a wonderdog, but she’s a gross little gremlin too.


Both Pip and Piper had some buying-related wishes, so a small portion of their finances is put into a new dresser and mirror to deal with Serena’s inevitable fugly age-up outfits.


Piper has finally gotten high enough in the athletic skill that she can train Pip, who is in the final stretch towards reaching level ten athletics. It may be their honeymoon, but this is basically “woohoo” to them.

Serena’s earliest memories will include her mom shouting stuff like, “OUT HUSTLE, OUT WORK, OUT THINK, OUT PLAY, OUT LAST!” at the top of her lungs.


Some furniture manufacturer heard that two of Lucky Palms’ up-and-coming young athletes just had a kid, and sent the Aces a cute giraffe picture in the mail. It works weirdly well with the turquoise sheets on the bed.


Lady’s and gentlemen, we have an important milestone complete! Yes, that’s right, no progress bar here, Pip has maxed out his athletic skill! I’m going to try to have him finish the skill challenges, just for fun, but all he really needs to do now to be a superstar athlete is show up to work and games on time!


Speaking of work, as soon as their honeymoon is over Piper calls up the stadium to cancel her remaining maternity leave. I talked about this when I was writing the Gallants, but I’ll reiterate it here – technically this may count as cheating/be against the legacy challenge rules, but when you have a sim off work for a week or longer it’s just ridiculous.


That afternoon, Pip and Piper race off to work together, carpooling to the same location in identical but separate cars. I’m not sure anyone in the sims world knows what “carpooling” actually means.

For Pip, this isn’t a normal day of work – it’s a game day!


Naturally, he was on fire, and with his help the team thrashed the opposition 9-1!

As a reward, he heads out to buy a partnership at the supermarket, to add to the one with the diner.


That means no one’s home to see Serena have her birthday, but oh well, it’s not like she’s old enough to remember anyway.


She’s a cutie! I think she has more of her dad’s features, but that’s definitely Piper’s brown and red hair.

Methinks it’s time to give her a little brother or sister…



A little shorter this time, but we’re now caught up to where I’ve played! The Aces are slowly moving up in the world, so I think I’ll build them a proper house once they have another kid. Two little guys in a one room house is asking for a disaster.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment or like if you enjoyed!

-Mo ❤


1.05 Tying the Knot


Pictured: Working hard, and hardly working.


Pip rolled a wish to take Piper out on a date, and since there are a few matters to take care of, they get sent off to the bar where they met.

Pip: “Yeaaahh, I have the hottest girlfriend in town! You all hear that??! THE! HOTTEST!”

The bar is completely empty, but the sentiment stands. Piper might be more enamored with the fact that he’s willing to do the laundry.


A whole bunch of jokes come to mind here, not one of which I feel comfortable posting on a public blog.


The classic Pip and Piper interaction: dirty jokes and genuinely tender embraces.

Pip rolls up another wish, this time to propose, so…


Pip: “Bro, close your eyes for a second.”


Piper: “Bro.


Bring it in!




Pip has to run to work right after the proposal, so he just barely misses the news that he’s going to be a father.

He does, however, have enough time to make a few calls and plan a bachelor party for that very night.


In my experience, parties very quickly turn into shitshows once you invite over five people, so Pip only invites a small group of coworkers. From left to right, Pip, Endora (who may or may not be planning to steal his stuff), Kadia (his boss the celebrity), and Roy (his best friend).


Pip: “Oh hell no, I need to wear this tomorrow!”

Roy: “It’s called laundry kid! Live a little!”


Neither of them pays much attention to the “party dancer” in the background.


Kadia mentions that it’s a little weird and possibly demeaning to the women they work alongside to have a stripper dancer dressed up as a cheerleader when everyone in the room is a professional athlete.

Pip points out that Endora was in charge of entertainment, and if Kadia wants to try to change anything about Endora’s behavior she can take it up with her.

(They also bond over his upcoming marriage – apparently Kadia has the family oriented trait! – and are friends by the end of the party, which incidentally gives Pip a single celebrity star.)




The older you are, the weirder you get, apparently. Endora’s sense of humor is notoriously bizarre – after getting the invitation to Pip’s party tonight, she immediately planned a party of her own to start at the exact same time, then didn’t show up to it.

Pip is completely terrified of her.


The party finally wraps up around dawn, just as a visibly pregnant Piper comes home from a night spent reading pregnancy books and buying a the legacy’s first real estate, a partnership at the local diner.


She kicks the lingering elderly guests out and settles in for a mid-morning nap. Working through a pregnancy is hell on the body.


Not that that slows her down – as soon as her energy meter is out of the red, it’s back to working out, using their new stereo. This baby is already throwing a wrench in her career plans, and she intends to be in perfect shape when she gets back to work.


In the pre-baby commotion, Pip still manages to get another promotion, this time to Starter! He takes a quick break from climbing the career ladder to read a pregnancy book. This legacy founder is gonna be the best at parenting! All those other dads can eat his socks!

And, because he doesn’t want his children’s birth to be tainted by scandal due to his newfound fame…


Early in the morning on Spooky Day, Pip and Piper officially tie the knot in a private ceremony in their backyard.

And it looks like Celebrity-itis is going around, because no sooner have they finished their vows than Piper abruptly shoots up from an unknown to a two-star celebrity!

Well, this will be…interesting.

Since it is Spooky Day, Piper decided to throw a party for their coworkers and a few of her newly young adult friends from highschool. However, I somehow completely lost track of time, and-


Piper: “Now? You want to come out now?!


The soon-to-be parents rush off to the hospital just as their guests start arriving, and leave them to dance outside for only a handful of minutes before they speed away yelling about how the party sucked.

Sidenote: The women in green and white are two of Piper’s highschool friends, who are actually Kadia’s daughters!


A few grueling hours of labor later, Piper gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, who is promptly named Serena! Even as an infant, she’s uncannily Perceptive for her age, and has a Grumpy attitude.

As the family heads home, a now retired and possibly senile Kadia King freaks out about…something.

Kadia: “Jack-o-lanterns! I knew I was forgetting something! Spooky Day is ruined!

Piper: “I went into labor at my own party, how do you think I feel?”


We officially have a full house of celebrities! I’m not all that familiar with the celebrity system, so this will be new for me. I’ve heard it can get pretty aggravating, so it may get turned off for later generations, but I’d like to keep it on for at least a little while.

We have our first member of generation 2! Serena is of course named after Serena Williams the tennis legend.

This 2 chapters a day thing proooobably won’t last very long, but I’m gonna try to keep it going for as long as possible!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

-Mo ❤

1.04 Pip & Piper


Pip is used to the gym being dead aside from a handful of fitness freaks like himself. Imagine his surprise, then, when his new girlfriend stops by along with most of her family.

It seems Piper’s stepmother just gave birth, and they’re here on some kind of bonding/babysitting trip.


Pansy: “Great, don’t move – if I hurry I can probably get a rocket from the base to fire him into the sun.”

Piper: “If I hold…very, very still…he might not start crying again…”


Eventually Pansy gives in and takes the kid home, leaving a relieved Piper to work out across the room from Pip. By mutual agreement, they don’t acknowledge each other. Too busy for romance right now!


Pip isn’t the only one with a full day of work. Marina has been tirelessly digging her way across the neighborhood, collecting a metric ton of empty chip bags and a hefty number of gems. After Pip has them cut, they net us a comfortable 3,000 simoleons, bringing the family funds to over $5,000!


I’m ridiculously pleased with her, and so I’ve actually been indulging some of Marina’s wishes to go for walks. Good pooches get walkies!

It’s really more because I’m hoarding her lifetime happiness points so I can buy the Alpha Pet perk and get better hunting, but shhh.


After the influx of money, Pip is ready to have someone else join him on his empty lot of misery and sunburn. StoryProgression informed me that Piper had recently moved out of her dad’s place after a screaming fight, so she might as well stop living in this pseudo-boathouse.


I’m not sure exactly what emotion that expression is meant to convey, but she accepts Pip’s invitation to move in, which is all I care about!

A second person in the household who doesn’t have the Loves the Outdoors trait means we really need to be thinking about a housing situation, and since we just had a boost to our finances…


Behold! The Cube of Shame! The game plan is to live in this shack until the Aces have a decent amount stored up, and then build a proper house next to it. This will probably be repurposed as a garage/workshed down the line.

You might notice that there’s a sleek car parked out front – Piper came with that in her inventory. It’s a VFN Kompensator, a luxury sedan worth a whopping $36,000. This car is worth more than everything else Pip owns combined.

I can only imagine Piper must have stolen her dad’s car when she moved out? Selling it feels sort of cheat-y, so we’ll be keeping it. It’ll drive up our bills, but they’ve got enough cash on hand to handle that.


Inside the Cube, we have a cheap treadmill and dog bed set up by the entrance.


Across the main room, there’s a cheap table and chairs, a very nice fridge, and one of the most expensive beds in the game. Actually, it’s the cheapest bed with an energy rating of 10, which is what I was looking for. The higher the energy rating, the faster sims sleep, and I want these two to spend a minimal amount of time in bed!

There’s also a cramped little bathroom, but to be honest it’s just not that interesting.


Pip and Piper settle into cohabitation. Pip takes care of most of the chores, like laundry or brushing Marina, since Piper is rushing to get a decent start into her athletic career.

Pip doesn’t mind – they’re a team, this is just like watching out for each other on the field!


She spends most of her time working out, including jogging up and down the street to get a change of scenery. The wildlife around here is bonkers.

Deer: “I  A M  O N E  W I T H  T H E  V O I D.”

Piper makes a mental note to look up if deer can eat human flesh. This one is looking a little…hungry.


The power couple are so in-sync they even share the same dreams of Marina dragging them out of poverty.


Marina hasn’t dug up any pricey goodies lately, but she did get enough pieces to put together this dinosaur skeleton! She looks like she might be regretting that decision in this picture…


Since he has a functioning fridge to pull quick meals out of now, Pip doesn’t really need the apples he’s been keeping in his inventory. On a whim, I had him plant them, only for fall to immediately roll in and send all three seeds into dormancy.

Come on, game. It’s the desert!


Smelly dogs get baths.


For Piper, arguably the best perk of moving in with Pip is that she gets an in-house trainer for her workout sessions. Pip is determined to make a star athlete out of her. Unfortunately, her clumsy trait keeps…well. You can see.


These dork-ass kids seem to have a mental link between getting hot and sweaty and getting hot and heavy – they celebrate Piper’s promotion to Toddler Sports Coach by taking their cardio workout to bed.


A familiar tune follows, and just to confirm it…


Morning sickness.

This legacy is on the move!


Piper has one of those faces that’s constantly making me crack up. She just…always looks on the verge of screaming and running away, I dunno.

These two have just been working out and working non-stop, which doesn’t make for great content, but at least progress is being made!

For those of you who may be curious, Piper’s full traits are Ambitious, Athletic, Artistic, Inappropriate, and Clumsy. Her LTW is, as mentioned last chapter, to be a superstar athlete, since I haven’t been able to change it yet. She also has a few levels in painting and cooking on top of her athletic skill.

Piper has an interesting family situation – obviously there’s the situation where her dad married someone practically her own age and she now has an infant brother, but also according to the sims wiki her mother is one of the ghosts in the Lucky Palms graveyard. But, even though they have the same hair and last name, the ghost isn’t linked to either Piper or her dad, Walter, on their family tree. Weird.

Sim genealogy fascinates me!

I hope you all have enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing! Leave a like or a comment if you enjoyed, and let me know what you think I should do about Piper’s career/LTW. Thanks for reading!

-Mo ❤

P.S.: This chapter hasn’t been proofread, so if you see any typos or something that doesn’t make any sense lemme know!

1.03 Under the Hot Desert Sun

Disclaimer: There are no Egyptian sims in this chapter.



Pip: “Chill, I’m a ken doll anyway.”


Pip: “Oshiturite.”


Safely clothed and presentable again, he treats himself to some nonalcoholic juice, and immediately rolls a wish to learn mixology.

No. One, none of these bars are good enough to actually learn any skills from them, and two, we have a schedule to meet! No unnecessary skills!

Pip: *rolls a wish to learn street art skill*

You’re turning into a real problem child, you know that?


While he’s hanging out at the bar, he watches newlyweds Isadora and Clark Bard being disgustingly adorable together. They have an astonishing age difference between them, but are still deeply in love.

The sight spurs Pip into action with a pro-athlete’s natural competitiveness – if an old lady and a white rapper can find true love, then so can he!

Remembering the cute neighbor he spotted on his second day in town, he heads down the street to the Irwin household.


She’s still cute, but also more than a little out of it.

Emi: “Did you know the building nextdoor to you is a science facility for VaultTec? They’re a secret organization planning on using the nuclear apocalypse as a cover to run sadistic psychological experiments on survivors.”

Pip: “Uh, that’s…cool? It’s um, a little hot out here, could I maybe come inside?”

Emi: “Well, I need to make sure you’re not a VaultTec agent first. Do you know the super secret ultra special negasonic password?”


Pip does.


Within a few minutes of chatting with her, he learns that she’s a low-level criminal hoping to work her way up to the title Empress of Evil (“It’s a real thing!” she tells him cheerfully), and extremely Family-Oriented. Her daughter Cricket gives them the ennui-riddled side-eye of the adolescent.


Emi’s husband is Richard Irwin, a lowlife dirtbag, but she still gently but firmly rebuffs Pip’s cautious romantic overtures.


Pip knows for a fact that Richard is the father of Lola Lancaster’s unborn baby – she thinks she’s in love with him, and has been gabbing about her baby daddy nonstop to anyone who will listen. Emi has to know about her husband’s infidelity, but she doesn’t say anything.


It’s probably for the best, Pip thinks. After a day of hanging out with her, her cuteness seems more childlike than attractive – he still likes her, just as a friend.

Richard: “That’s weird. My ‘angry-betrayed spouse’ sense was tingling for a second there. Huh, must be imagining things!”



That night, Pip gets another promotion, this time to Minor Leaguer! He’s at the point in his career where he’s actually doing athlete stuff!

The romance situation is looking a little dire. After his failed flirting with Emi, the only non-elderly single female sims left in town are Lina and Lola Lancaster, since Lina has moved out of her sugar-daddy Eli Vokoban’s house. I was holding out hope for military career woman Pansy Northrop, despite her not liking children, but…


She’s the redhead in the maternity wear. Yup. Walter Sparks knocked her up, and the two are now apparently happily married, much to her horror of Walter’s daughter Piper.

Piper: “She’s practically my age, dad!”

Hang on a second…

After a quick few minutes of frantically checking ages, it turns out Piper just aged up to young adult! Pip, get in there!


Pip: “Hi! I’m a young reasonably attractive professional who wants to go places in life!”

Piper: “What a coincidence! I also care a great deal about my career and socio-economic standing!”


Pip and Piper: “Same trait!”

Pip: “Yessssssss, potential legacy mate spotted.

Don’t make it weird, bro. Check if she has literally anything else in common with you.


Pip: “More people need to focus on building upper body strength.”

Piper: “I completely agree! This is how we end up with babies lying on the ground in the middle of a public bar, not enough parents have the endurance to hold them for longer than half an hour.”


Pip and Piper: “Same trait again!”

Piper: “I bet I could do ‘cep curls with two of him.”

Pip is smitten. Not only is Piper just as ambitious, fit, and hyper-competitive as him, she’s also just got a job at the stadium, and shares his dream of becoming a superstar athlete!


For my part, I love her – she’s a little awkward, but extremely cute, and plus – Pip and Piper! Pip! And! Piper!

A few romance interactions have some…misinterpretations…


Pip: “Baby, you are like a shooting star over my heart.”

Piper: “I’m a meteor burning up in the atmosphere and ultimately being nothing more than a brief excitement before my time is come and gone?”

Let’s try that again.


Pip: “I’d never make like a tree and leaf you.”

Piper: “Ohhh, that’s so romantic!”

…Whatever floats your boat, sweetheart.


In retrospect, maybe having this extra-special moment in the middle of a group of people and a crying baby wasn’t the best choice.


Still, Pip goes in for an amorous hug, and immediately rolls a wish to kiss Piper for the first time. What the hell, why not!


Boom! But we should probably make this official before Story Progression pairs her off with an elder or something, so-


Pip: “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but doyouwannagosteadyandsomedayhavemykids maybe?”

Piper: “Hey bro, why not! Our kids would definitely make mad gains.”

A couple of jocks in love! Gross.


So, there you have it! I have to admit, Piper was not at all planned for, but I like how this worked out! They’re both bro-y as all hell, which should be fun.

However, I do need to work out what I’m going to do with Piper’s LTW once she joins the family. Duplicate LTWs don’t count for anything, so I want to change it, but I’m not sure if I want to put her in a different career. I like the idea of two super competitive pro-athletes raising a family together, but what do you guys think? Post in the comments if she should stay an athlete or switch to something else. She has the artistic skill and a few levels in cooking and painting, but nothing else to indicate what her path in life could be. (I might put her through the athletic career, then switch to culinary to get the super-awesome fridge, but the logistics of that are a little fuzzy.)

Thank you so much for reading! Like/leave a comment if you enjoyed!

-Mo ❤

1.01 The Ace


Meet Pip Ace, newest resident of Lucky Palms! He’s…well, he’s a hot mess. Pip may look more like a reject Panic! at the Disco member than a legacy founder, but he has some potential hiding under the dorky fingerless gloves and single-piercing!


This Frankenstein’s monster of a combo between theater nerd and jock may be a Party Animal and a shameless Schmoozer, but he also has drive and Ambition! He wants to put his Athletic talents to use as a pro-athlete, maybe even become…A Super Star Athlete?

And on top of that he Loves the Outdoors, so you know he’s a real legacy founder.


Pip’s “lakeside property” is really more of a “dried up crater-side property on the shitty side of town,” but he cheerfully ignores his neighbors’ many complaints. After all, he’s situated right by a park (which has a garden), a community pool (which has showers) and a hang out spot (which has chicks). What more could a fella ask for?

The game did leave him with over $8,000 in the bank after buying it though, like it was rubbing in how worthless and god awful this real estate is compared to, oh, say, Sunset Valley?

(don’t worry, family funds was used to reset his bank account to $1,800)


Pip’s very first wish in life is to get himself a job in the athletic career, which I am more than happy to oblige.

Pip: “My old geography teacher always said that I’d never go anywhere. Ha, shows what she knows!”

Five minutes later, he’s employed as a rabid fan, making a measly $13 an hour.

Pip: “Everyone’s gotta start somewhere!”


Interestingly, his new boss is Kadia King, a local 1-star celebrity. I haven’t played much in Lucky Palms, so I had no idea the celebrity system was integrated into it by default – normally nraas slaps that down before it can get started.

Pip shoots her a text and squees a little over his new in with the big shots.


Later, while he’s getting a head start working out at the gym, he spies another two celebrities – Darren Dreamer of Sims 2 fame, and Donovan Steel, Mr. July in the LPPD’s charity calendar. You can probably guess which is which.




In hindsight, I’m not entirely sure why I bought that laundry basket…

A shower and some pilfered apples later, Pip heads back home, where we’ve made a few small purchases, including a sleeping bag in his favorite color (purple!). More importantly, we have a toy box and a food dish…


…because he’s about to make an important call.


Adoption Worker: “You know this is just, incredibly suspicious looking, right?”


Meet Marina the dachshund! She’s an adult cutie-pie, so we can set her to digging up some fancy junk ASAP, and the shelter assured Pip that not only is she remarkably Non-Destructive, but she also has the instincts of a natural born Hunter.

Marina may be a tiny little thing, but she’s gonna be bringing in the big bucks.


Hello everyone! This is now my SECOND attempt at the legacy challenge, after my saves for the Gallants got royally screwed by…something. (I’m eyeing an anti-junk program I used for a while, but I have no proof yet.) I’m keeping them around in case I hear about some way to fix them, but until then it’s safest to say that I will not be writing their story again.

Hopefully those of you who enjoyed the Gallants’ shenanigans will also enjoy the Aces’! In keeping with Lucky Palms’ status as a sort-of-Las-Vegas, he’s more of a sort-of-Las-Vegas-wannabe, but he should be just as fun! An early challenge will be that this town starts out with a whole ton of messed up relationships (cheating, unexpected pregnancy, you name it). Hopefully Pip can find Ms. Right before she marries someone else!

A few bookkeeping things: since this is the desert, I’ve turned the winter season down to only 3 days, and summer up to 11 days. Spring and fall will stay the same. I also have the moon cycle set to a permanent waxing crescent, which I might change down the line if things get ~spooky~.

I hope y’all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it! Leave a comment if you like what you see!

-Mo ❤

1.02 Dog Days

In case anyone was wondering what Pip looks like under his fully-body outfit…


He’s as rugged as the desert mountains.


Of course, he has to stay in shape to keep his rad bod, and rolls an appropriate number of workout/jogging related wishes. While he jogs up and down the block, he checks out the neighborhood chicks. Emi “Quirky-60’s-Housewife-Americana” Irwin is a little weird, but definitely cute.

The useful nearby lots is only part of why I chose this location for Pip to live in. There are also a handful of young adult female sims living nearby. Emi is on the list of potential spouses, but since she’s married and significantly older than Pip… she’s probably not The One.


Marina quickly picks up the hunting skill, giving her something to do while Pip is at work, and the two just as quickly become friends.


This is his work outfit by the way. Yeah…the less said about that, the better.


The pup is quickly sent on a hunting expedition, which takes her through the local park, and past the Tanners, who are also celebrities – Romon Tanner over there is actually a whopping 4-star celebrity! The Aces may be living on the rough side of town, but they still have plenty of brushes with fame!


Ooh, Marina you good girl! What did you get?? Is it a diamond? Palladium? Tiberium?!

…an empty chip bag. Why am I not surprised.


Pip’s first day at work just barely missed a promotion, so he spends the night at the local gym. He can get a head start on his athletics skill in the morning.

By the next night, his athletics is up to level 5, and he gets his first promotion to Snack Hawker! Yay?


I sent him over to the local hang out spot/juice bar to celebrate, only to witness Yolanda Shaw going into labor. Why must this always happen in public places??

In any event, this is a sort of blessing in disguise – Pip rushes her to the hospital like a gentleman, since the father is nowhere to be seen, and gets a +80 It’s a Boy! moodlet for assisting in the birth of Nestor Shaw.

Pip: “I almost feel like I’m the father…I’m so proud…but why Nestor?”

For real.

Yolanda was actually another potential spouse, but the next morning I got a notification that she was dating Pip’s neighbor, single dad Barry Gilbert, and I didn’t want to mess with that. She does help out the legacy significantly however – that moodlet helps Pip get another promotion the next day, to Toddler Sports Coach!


Pip: “Why does no one want a piece of this?!”

Hummina hummina! Although the baby face really is a bit jarring right next to the body – not sure whether I want to hug him or lick him.

Pip: “I feel objectified.”



Pip: “Yeowch!”

Speaking of hot, it is summer right now, and apparently getting in the pool won’t save you from the sweating profusely moodlet, or sunburn afterwards. Learn from Pip’s (and my) mistakes!


Sunburn isn’t the only danger of staying outdoors too long, as we learn with our dog, who has fleas. We don’t have a bathtub yet, and I don’t want to deal with Pip getting fleas, so she keeps her social need in check by hanging out with Lucky, Marisol Loera’s new puppy. I’m undecided if puppies are in this legacy’s future, but if Marina does have some they might as well be with this guy once he’s grown up.


Speaking of legacy spawn, Pip’s potential life partners are dwindling fast, so next chapter, we find Mrs. Ace!


Lina Lancaster: “Soon.”

What the…?! Get out of there! Absolutely not! You and your Gold Digger lifetime wish aren’t getting anywhere near this legacy ma’am! I’d sooner have Pip marry your mother, and she’s almost an elder! Wait a minute…she’s a gold digger too? Ugh.

*shudder* Creepy.

ANYWAY. I hope y’all have enjoyed reading as much as I have writing! Thank you for any comments/likes/silent appreciation!

-Mo ❤